How to Draw a Cute Cat?

How to Draw a Cute Cat?

Are you trying to polish your drawing skills? You are a beginner and are trying to draw small and easy little things like animals and small little things. 

Drawing such small and easy little cute things is often called doodling. Doodles are very much fun for people of every age. The more you doodle and the more you draw the more good at it you become.

It’s a great way for you to have a creative break in the middle of the day to feel pumped up and energetic. 

Cats are graceful, feisty, sneaky, and silly little creatures. All cats have big different personalities, but making those traits in a cute cat drawing can be very tricky. 

By drawing cats you can improve your artistic skills and give you fun and cute pieces to add to your portfolio. But before you jump in and sketch a furry and cute little feline l, you need to observe the real cat. That is right before you start drawing cats, you need to watch cats.

You should do your research. You should take a look at the anatomy of the cat’s body before you start a drawing. Bodies of cats are not like those of a dog. Cats are very flexible, but they still have their body limits. You need to have an understanding of the body structure and the fur of the cat.

How to Draw a Cute Cat?- Complete Guide

  • Use a reference photo: You might have done your research on cats but using a reference picture is a must. You’ll need a good-quality reference photo. This will help you observe and copy the body shape of the cat. 
  • If you want to draw a realistic cat, you should use a photo for reference. But if you want to sketch a cartoon cat, you can see illustrations.
  • You can then sketch out the simple shapes. Draw the major shapes of the cat. 
  • Start with the head of the cat and then move on to the body, legs, and then tail. 
  • You need to build the body in such a way so that you can create the fluffy and furry perspective of the cat.
  • After getting done with the shape of the cat, move on to the gesture and position. 
  • Do not worry about the complex details yet. 
  • You should be sure to mark the joints and the limb of the cat as well as the tail. 
  • It is not only about the shapes, it is about how the shapes connect to each other.
  • When your basic shape and figure are done, you can refine and clean out the lines into a clear and simple view. 
  • The ears are usually triangle-shaped and the paws are small.
  • Now you can add color and details. Make the eyes, nose, whiskers, and other small and main features. 
  • Shading adds more realistic looks to the drawing. 
  • You can show off the cat’s attitude and mood with its tail and posture.

If you are a beginner and are interested in learning how to create and draw your own cute characters then this way is perfect for you!

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