What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Cute?

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Cute?

“One kind word can change someone’s entire life” is a famous quote that shows that words have the power to change someone’s life. Therefore, understanding the actual meanings of the words that people use for you is more necessary, especially for girls. Girls are more conscious about the words their guys use for them or compliment them. Everyone has a different way of expressing their feelings. The men are unique in tastes and preferences. So you can’t guess the exact meaning of words your guy is using for you as a compliment, and even you don’t know in what sense he is admiring you. Men mostly use different words such as a pretty doll, cute, gorgeous, dope, and many more for their lady. Most men are not sure about the exact meaning of their words. Most girls receive a compliment you are cute. But they couldn’t understand in what sense the guy used these words for her. Here we will tell you what it means when a guy calls you cute? The cute factor is for measuring the cuteness and attractiveness in babies. Therefore most women don’t take this compliment seriously as they think that a cute girl means a girl who is not mature, sexy, or witty. But actually, it is wrong. We have revealed some unique meanings of the sentence “you’re cute.”

When a Guy Calls you Cute

Some men are not very expressive. They use just certain specific words as a compliment. When a guy calls you cute, it may mean he likes your character, values, way of speaking and personality. Although this sentence is away from sex appeal still then you can’t take it as negativity. It may mean he likes your intelligence and you are the one whom he would like to marry. When a guy calls you cute, he might want to say;

Your Temperament is Nippy

chill temperament girl

 If a guy calls you cute might be possible he is acknowledging your chill temperament. Usually, when a guy enjoys the company of a girl & loves to spend time with her, he used such words. The boys like a glamorous, sexy, and hot girl having a nippy temperament.

Your Company is Enjoyful

Cute girls are attractive and have excellent company. Therefore their smile feels refreshing when he is around her. Most guys like girls with a good attitude and a pretty smile. So instead of getting offensive, you can say then thanks.

He Wants Friendship

What does it mean when a guy calls you cute

If a guy is not in a relationship with you, & he used to say you are cute. It might be possible he wants a relationship or friendship with you. It would be possible he is admiring your appearance.

He is Flirting with You

People are not the same as they seem. Therefore there is a chance that the guy is flirting with you by appreciating you. It is a good compliment, but instead of thinking, if Am I cute or not or judging if he is giving a fake or not, you can say “thanks” to him for the compliment with a thanking smile.

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